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Private Limited Company in Singapore: Things you Should Know

April 13, 2012

Everyone who is 18+ years old can set up a company in Singapore. It doesn’t matter whether you are a foreigner or a local citizen, the same easy rules for Singapore company setup apply.
The registration process is extremely easy, and if you don’t have a physical address, you can get one quite fast in exchange for a modest annual fee.
Now, this will be a private limited company, which is a separate legal entity.
This basically means that the shareholders within the company, are not personally liable for the liabilities or debts that arise within the company.
If the company has got a debt of $300,000 for example, and you are a shareholder, you are only liable up to the amount that you have invested into the company.
In case you initial investment was only $30,000, then this is the amount you can be made liable for if the company faces any kind of debt issues.

As you can note, Singapore company setup comes with plenty of benefits. Your personal assets are never exposed to the risk of being lost, and this is the most important thing.

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